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About Us…

Based in the East Midlands, the team at EcoTechna Limited have over 20 years experience in the Vehicle Cleaning supplies sector.

Our Mail Order Warehouse and Showroom is based in Ripley, Derbyshire from where we deliver worldwide daily.

We have sourced the most comprehensive range of vehicle cleaning components based on our clients requirements..

Our policy is not to sell ‘cheap’ or inferior products and offer the most comprehensive range a single source.


Professional vehicle cleaning brushes are essential tools for cleaning vehicles properly. Cheap domestic car wash brushes just don’t stand up to the job and inferior bristles can scratch paintwork while plastic threads on telescopic poles wear, crack or break leaving the brush useless.

SoftFibre Technology

There are many cheap types of manmade brush heads but EcoTechna SoftFibre Technology offers the softest brush head for use on all types of vehicles including Trucks, Bus & Coach, Car & Van Hire, Trains, Planes, Trailers, Curtain Sides, Vans, Tractors / Agricultural Machinery, Motorbikes, Cycles, Cars and Leisure Vehicles including Caravans, Motorhomes. EcoTechna vehicle cleaning brushes can be used to clean plastic coated fabrics including Tents, Marquees, Bouncy Castles etc.

Many of our clients buy our vehicle cleaning brushes because they have either bought cheaper products from high street retailers like Halfords and found that the quality of the Brush Head or the Pole Handle is manufactured using a thin Alloy Metals and brittle plastics that break especially in commercial environments.

To offer the best cleaning quality without scratching delicate painted surfaces, all EcoTechna Brush heads are manufactured using SoftFeather Technology.

This advanced technology incorporates a special process of splitting the end of the fibres on the brush head which makes them softer guaranteeing extra coverage and no scratching.

Interchangeable Waterfed or Non Waterfed Brush Heads & Poles

As all EcoTechna Soft Fibre brush heads are interchangeable with our Fixed and Telescopic Pole Handles, they can be used either Water Fed or dipped.

Many professional users prefer not to use with a hose connected to the pole handle so it is highly recommended that a bucket of clean water is available to dip the brush head into. This rinses away any dirt from the brush head, thus eliminating scratching by removing any dirt, grit or grime being embedded into the brush head. Buy brush heads & pole handles here

Commercial or Private Users

EcoTechna brushes are used by both commercial and private users alike who want a long lasting, high quality alternative.. After all why would they want to clean their sometimes vary high investment with a cheap product which can either damage or be rendered useless after a few washes.

Chemical Compatible

EcoTechna Brush Heads are safe to use with all types of vehicle cleaning chemicals including Traffic Film Removers, Wash & Wax, Acid Alloy Wheel Cleaners, etc. To compliment the EcoTechna range of Brushes a range of Hand Brushes, Long and Short Handled Wheel Brushes, Dip Wash Brushes, Drying Squeegees, Cloths and a range of Sprayers and Foamers is available from a single source. Buy chemicals here

Dio GreenClean - Eco-Friendly Vehicle Washing

We highly recommend the Dio GreenClean Eco Friendly range of vehicle cleaning products.. These unique products are manufactured using Natural Palnt Extracts and are not only safe to use but also gentle on the environment and 100% biodegradable..

About Our Clients…

Whilst the majority of our clients are Commercial Fleet Operators, we also sell to private / hobby users who are seeking higher quality, longer lasting alternatives than those available on the high street.

Our commercial clients include;

DHL Logistics

CEVA Logistics

Enterprise Car Rental

Local Councils

Royal Mail

Ministry of Defence

.. and not forgetting our loyal band of private clients who enjoy cleaning their pride and joy including Cars, Caravans, Motorhomes, Bikes and Boats!

We have a comprehensive Reseller packages for all types

of resellers including Truck Stop / Commercial, Retail,

Motor Factor, Equine, Caravan Retailers, DIY, etc…

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Home   About Us  |  Special Offers  |   How To Order    |  Resellers Area   |   Contacts

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Tel: 0115 7722001

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